About Us


Rapidly modernizing and equipping the forces of good to be an unyielding symbol of liberty on every continent.
That's Continental Liberty.

Our Technology

Equipping forces with maximum performance products built with longevity in mind. Continental Liberty's core focus is on developing maximum performance products with modernization and longevity in mind. We use materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, ultralight aluminum, ultra-strong high carbon steel, and high denier encrypted nylon. These materials form the backbone of our cutting-edge solutions.

We build advanced materials at speed.

Our Business

Rapidly modernizing and equipping patriots and defense forces with cutting edge speed. Continental Liberty is a defense products company. Unlike most defense companies, we proactively identify challenges and privately fund our R&D to develop ready-to-deploy solutions and sell finished products off the shelf. Our innovations go from concept to reality in months, not years, offering cost savings to warfighters and patriots. We design our lean and high rate production systems so that we can offer additional cost savings to our customers. We develop solutions that are then on the shelf and ready to deploy around the world at any time.

Inventory Ready To Ship

If an item is purchasable on the website, it is in stock on our shelves and will be shipped out to you promptly. We understand deployments and conflicts happen fast and thats why we get your gear off our shelves and to you quickly, wherever your frontline may be. Orders will always have easy to follow tracking information, no matter the order size. Through an easy to use shipping selection on our store, you are able to see the most cost-effective shipping speed and method that works for you. We also stock battlefield essentials from top brands like Magpul and Agilite. We ship globally wherever your front line may be. All ITAR rules apply.

Our Team

The brightest minds working on modern defense. The best craftsmen and craftswomen operating state of the art machines to make the best. Our lean team combines the expertise of leading engineers in materials science and design with veterans who have firsthand battlefield experience. Our engineers specialize in the best finishes and materials like titanium, carbon fiber, ultralight aluminum, ultra-strong carbon steel, and high denier encrypted nylons ensuring our products are robust, perform at the maximum, and remain reliable for years to come. Our team makes every item with pride ensuring a frontline ready product, for wherever your frontline may be.

Our Heritage

Our family's immigration from southwest Germany to the United States marked the beginning of a journey in the land of liberty and opportunity. Our ancestors helped build up the "Made in Germany" label into the mark of quality it became. We honor our German roots through Continental Liberty, our trademark and proof mark that ruthlessly makes products built for long-term durability and maximum performance. 

Partnering with US & Allied Forces

We support operations across the globe. Our products are in use daily with patriots and forces defending liberty across every continent. 

Our trademarked logo, with its "1776" look, holds special meaning for us. The seven stripes represent the seven days of creation in the Bible, while the thirteen stars signify the original thirteen colonies that fought to establish the United States as a republic built on the ideals of liberty, freedom, and opportunity.
Continental Liberty products are in use globally non stop every day. 

Founded and headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  

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