ALG Go-Juice 0000 Very Thin Grease (4 oz.)

ALG Go-Juice 0000 Very Thin Grease (4 oz.)

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ALG Defense is proud to announce the release of our next product in the Go-Juice gun lubricant line, 0000 Very Thin Grease. 0000 VTG meets four important characteristics of a grease type firearm lubricant: ultra high lubricity, ultra high staynacity*, non-gumming and rust resistance. The 0000 (Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero) name originated from tests completed on the consistency of the grease showing that 0000 VTG is thinner than the thinnest commercially available 000 NLGI grease. 

 Ultra high lubricity which is a key characteristics in both Go-Juice and 0000 VTG will make your weapon run in the most adverse conditions without hesitation. 

Ultra High Staynacity means ALG 0000 VTG allows you to evenly apply grease across the surface without run off. For example, after lubricating a holstered weapon, there will be no drainage of oil in the bottom of your holster. 

ALG 0000 Very Thin Grease is made of oxidation resistant molecules which will prevent gumming allowing the gun to be stored without fear of it locking up. Also, B117 ASTM salt spray testing was performed to ensure a corrosion resistant formula.

The lubricant stays in place and will not run off to keep your weapons running in tough conditions, 0000 Very Thin Grease will be your “Go To Firearm Lubricant.”



Stāˈnasǝdē / Origin: 2015-2016; Middle Age German 
Definition: The ability of a lubricant to stay where it’s applied.



0000 Very Thin Grease 

  • Ultra High Lubricity
    Keeps your gun running in tough conditions
  • Ultra High Staynacity
    Semi-Fluid grease that stays in place and will not run off 
  • Non-Gumming 
    Perfect for Concealed Carry and Duty weapons 
  • Rust Resistant 
    Non-Rusting Formula


NOTE: ALG Go-Juice 0000 VTG is non-petroleum based.

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Size 4oz./118mL