About Us

Vision and Mission

To endeavor to equip, modernize, and future-proof the people; to be the unyielding symbol of liberty on every continent.



Here at Continental Liberty, we are just beginning. 
Our family's immigration from southwest Germany to the United States marked the beginning of a journey in the land of liberty and opportunity. Our ancestors helped build up the "Made in Germany" label into the mark of quality it became. We honor our German roots through Continental Liberty, our trademark and proof mark that emphasizes long term durability, maximum performance, form following performance, old-world techniques and longevity. We look forward to serving you with the best quality products and gear for you and your family.
Our trademarked logo, with its "1776" look, holds special meaning for us. The seven stripes represent the seven days of creation in the Bible, while the thirteen stars signify the original thirteen colonies that fought to establish the United States as a republic built on the ideals of liberty, freedom, and opportunity.
Continental Liberty products are in use globally non stop every day. 

Founded and headquartered in frigid Green Bay, Wisconsin.  

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